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"You want me to what?" Mischa said, his face a bit red as he stared at the woman infront of him.

The woman, a very busty gal with long green hair named jennifer, smiled back "It's just for a few days, and you'll make a wonderful parade balloon!"

"I, err..I dunno" Mischa looked down, blushing a bit. The idea did sound a bit promising. "I mean, all those people seeing me like that, I dunno"

Jennifer's eyes water alittle, as she gets down on her knees "Pleeease? this was a request from a friend. His normal parade balloon got punctured in an accident and they need a replacement ASAP"


Unfortunatly, for Mischa this was all jen needed to do, and within an hour, Mischa found himself, now an inflatable girl, standing infront of Jennifer as she prepared to make Mischa into a parade balloon.

"Um, Jen, I'm starting to think this isnt such a good idea." Mischa said, looking around at the room they were in.

"Its alright, just trust me" Jennifer smiled and nodded back. "Now say aaah for me and open wide"

"Ah?" is all mischa could get out, before Jennifer stuffed a large frame of a parade balloon down mischa's throught, her female body beginning to contort to it. Before she could even whimper a protest, Jennifer stuffed a hose in behind it, and turned on an air tank.

In moments air began forcefully into Mischa's body, she could slowly feel her body begin to expand due to the air. From her feet to her hands, from her ass to her chest, from her stomach to her head, everything was growing, and rapidly.

Her body tingled and ached, not quite painfully, but she was aware as every section of her got larger and larger, her body slowly adjusting to the frame, and removing her ability to move and speak more and more. She was quickly going from a normal guy, to a full fledged parade balloon.

Within 20 minutes the transformation was complete, as jennifer backed up, staring at the parade balloon floating infront of her. "wow, you look perfect! And thanks again Mischa, I mean it!"

What followed was more preperations, rubber hooks added for ropes, a special polish to protect damage, and then finally, Mischa was deflated and boxed. Jen was very kind, and careful the whole time, speaking to mischa, and taking the utmost care of him throughout it.


However, while Jennifer was kind and caring, the men she was sent to were nothing of the sort. Likely not knowing the truth, Mischa was tossed around, stepped on, inflated, over inflated, and even painted. Into some sort of rubber Princess in a blue dress. 

Still bad as all that was the worst was yet to come,  like any parade balloon, Mischa was inflated with helium for the parade. He had no choice but to endure the laughs, and the comments, as he was paraded across an unfamiliar city, full of unfamiliar faces, who laughed and mocked her form.

"It's ok" Mischa thought to himself, as the they began deflating him after the parade "One more shipping trip, and i'm back home with jen, and done with this nightmare."

2 men began folding mischa up casually, both were talking about sports, Mischa didnt care much, but neither men was very focused on their job.

"So, where does this one go?" One man asked, the other shrugged, "Eh whatever, just toss it over with the others" They began doing so, folding up the princess mischa, rather then placing her in the return shipping box.

Mischa watched in horror as the wrong balloon was put in said box, and carted mischa was smushed into another box full of parade balloons, to go to the next town. He tried screaming, calling for help, calling for jen, but nothing worked, No one knew he was there, to them he was just another balloon.


Jennifer sat there, staring at the open crate infront of her a week later. "This isn't mischa, this is some sort of fat princess thing. Ugh, what the hell?" 

She let out a heavy sigh, as she grabbed the phone, and quickly called her friend. "Hey! its me, Jennifer. Somebody screwed up, and you sent me the wrong parade balloon!....Yes it matters, that ones mis-er, its important, very important, I need it back asap. What do you mean 3 weeks minimum? Yeah..ok, but..I'll send this one where? MISSISSIPPI? Augh..alright, sure, but my balloon had BETTER not be harmed, or damaged, or we will have a problem you here?.. Alright, thanks, bye"

Jennifer looked back at the fat princess and sighed again "Damnit mischa, forgive me. I'll get you back as soon as i can."
An old story is did for :iconbouncymischa: while feeling silly one day. way back in July mind you, well before i wrote the laundry day story, I had this, but i also had no confidence to post it.
Well with my recent, issues, and lack of updates, I figure I might as well atleast post some old stuff for people to enjoy.
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daynar Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
Very good story.
Uncle-Ben Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
I suppose that since this is an old story, you aren't planning on adding or continuing it?

Either way, it is good as it stands.
Shockzboy Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
Hehehe, nice plan Jen. Maybe you'll get her back with a bunch of stickers showing where she's been, like a passport.
KakuEpsilon Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
It was a nice read, for sure. A few spelling issues or misused words, but nothing that broke the flow.

You know, the way Jenny flipped out about hearing Mischa got shipped to Mississippi, you'd think that Jenny hates the place, and not that it'll take 3 weeks! XD
Ninja-brad Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
Not anything particular, just that it happened and such, to be honest, i picked a random state

As far as the spelling errors, like i said, this is an old story, if you wanna point em out, i can fix em
KakuEpsilon Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
Well, because it is old, I figure there's no real reason to pick it apart. As I said before: It doesn't break the flow, so it is not worth fixing.
AtmaD12 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
Man. It just sucks to be Mischa sometimes.
LordofDarkA Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
Short but still a good read. Just what I needed in this way early for me hour ^^.
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